"I am because We are, We are because I am" is the artistic mantra that embodies the work ethic of Brian G. Watson. It describes what he brings to any collaborative form of creative expression. This is why it is fitting that he wears as many hats as he has on the independent film productions he's worked on and the niche he cuts out for himself in every creative media format he's contributed to. He's done live spoken word performances, reality TV, hosted music reviews, as well as acting and producing for cinema.

Brian's acting for film began in 2004 as an extra in a PIERRE FILMS short "Mike & Carmen" which lead to a supporting role in "The City is Mine". Both PIERRE FILMS productions were done by writer/ director Patrick Pierre who cast Brian in "Visions of Yvette" and "Sucka 4 Luv". Brian Watson acted and co-producer on "Visions of Yvette" and "Sucka 4 Luv". He's worked on several film projects while continuing to build the PIERRE FILMS brand. Brian has also forged a similar relationship with Front House PicturesBrian Watson is an actor/ producer/ poet who is as limitless artistically as the concept of creativity and imagination. One can only dream what may be next for Brian because whatever it is, he'll only take it further.


Brian G. Watson: The Artist


Get VISIONS OF YVETTE on DVD featuring Actor/ Producer Brian Watson

This month, PIERRE FILMS is releasing VISIONS OF YVETTE on DVD. I've been fortunate to act and co-produce an intense drama directed by Patrick Pierre. This was an exciting production which at its premiere opened to rave reviews. The long awaited DVD is finally here. Click here for more news about VISIONS OF YVETTE DVD starring Brian Watson.


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